Sextet has become the leader in Spacer Fabrics for intimate apparel. Both plain and jacquard are being used for applications ranging from molded bra cups to sports bras and industrial uses.


Spacer knits are double-layered circular knits with a cushion of air and “spring-like” yarns between the two sides. This unique fabric class is knit in one continuous operation. Although it looks like several fabrics bonded together, it is actually one fabric that cannot be separated by layer. Special yarns are selected for aesthetic qualities (i.e.: soft hand, bright/dull, etc.) and for performance properties (i.e.: moisture transport, thermal insulation or conductance, anti-microbial, etc.).

Among the benefits of our circular knit Spacers over competitive warp knit spacer fabrics is our ability to make fancy jacquard designs on the face of the fabric. We can change patterns and yarns quickly for shorter runs.

The end uses are limited only by our imagination.